ascendant architecture & engineering
technology + design
Technology & Specialized Expertise is at the heart of AAE Architectural & Engineering Designs. Our Pragmatic & Expert Design + Deployment of Technology takes a project from good to simply exceptional.
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modern architecture

Modern Architecture

& Advance Engineering 

End-to-End Full Service Client Experience

specialize lighting design

Specialize Lighting Design

Lighting Design Architecture

& Seasoned Lighting Tech Experts


IT/AV/Auxiliary Design

Ultra-Fast FiberOptic & Wifi Mesh Expert

Exeptional Acoustic Desgin

Crisp & Balanced Audio

Smart AV & More!

interior landscape design

Interior & Landscape Design

Experience Emotion Every Space

dEep roots
Get Best
NOt an ordinary team
After decades of supporting firms, congolomerates, big developers, and iconic projects with specialized project consultancy, technical services, advanced products and technologies, the AGI Group of Companies have brought together its specialized expertise from its various companies under one solid roof.
“Technology now plays a critical role in all modern projects.  It is time to bring together our  wealth of experience across the group and take the lead to bring true transformation to modern homes and buildings.” -- Wil Sarmiento, AGI Group & AEE President
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magic begins(1)
Where most end is where
our magic begins
Let our Architects bring your dream home to life, and then it would be our honor to to show you what else is possible.” -- Lea, AAE Architect
“Sounds has been the Audio Team’s life from many years. Memories of countless smile. We are happy to bring our expertise to every AAE project.”
 -- Michael, AAE Audio Team
“Our team has years of hands on experience in working with international brands, technologies, and systems. We also love getting our hands dirty in our own engineering labs. We are always excited to exceed expectations.”
 -- Rachelle, AAE Project Manager
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Our Services
Multi-Disiplinary Expertise Under One Roof

architecture & engineering

Breathtaking Design & Advance Engineering

World-Class Lighting Design

Experience the Emotional & Transformative impact of World-Class Lighting Design

Interior & Landscape Design

Let us develop that seamlessly resonates the right energy

IT/aV/Auxillary Design

Ultra Fast & Reliable Data. Experts Sounds & Noise Acoustics. Crisp and Balance Audio. And More!

Sourcing & Construction

Strategic Sourcing & Comprehensive Construction Management.

comprehensive modern architecture
Modern Architecture is more than skin deep.
comprehensive video control system(550x450)

Lot & Space Study

Efficient Ventilation 

Ergonomic Usage of Space 

Foot Traffic Flow Studies

advance engineering(550x450)

Right Light for the Right Space; Lux Studies

Dynamic, Dramatic, Transformative & Functional Lighting

Reliable Control System & Light Management

audio and video management1

Noise Accustic Design 

Audio Design; Ambient Entertainment,Theater 

Intergrated AV or AV Ready Systems

sample interioir design

Intergrated Interior Design

Art Consultancy

Landscape Desgin

IOT implementation and design

Ultra-fast Invisible Fiber Optic Infrastructure

Architectural WiFi Mesh Design

IoT Systems

advance security system(1)

Intelligent Water Heating

Security System Design

Integrated CCTV

Integrated Access Control

Back-Up Power Systems

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